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Pilot Operated Safety Valve

South American Valve is a leading Pilot Operated Safety Valve supplier in Colombia. A pilot operated safety valve is a type of safety valve that utilizes a separate pilot valve and actuator to control the opening and closing of the main valve. It is commonly used in applications where large flows or high pressures need to be relieved.

The pilot system includes various components such as pressure sensing elements, control lines, and connections between the pilot valve, actuator, and main valve. It provides the means for monitoring the system pressure and transmitting signals to the actuator.

South American Valve is a leading Pilot Operated Safety Valve supplier in Colombia. Pilot operated safety valves provide advantages such as high flow capacity, accurate pressure control, and the ability to handle large pressure differentials. They are commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, power generation, and process industries where precise and reliable pressure relief is essential.


  •       Body
  •       Bonnet
  •       Disc
  •       Seat
  •       Nozzle
  •       Spring


  • It gives greater flow.
    It is highly corrosion resistant.
    Simple and quick operation.
    Lower Maintenance.


  • These valves are used in steam systems to control downstream pressure precisely. This valve adjusts the valve opening and pressure to maintain a consistent pressure during pressure variations.
  • Under some conditions, a properly selected valve can be utilized to defend against water hammer.
  • These valves can also be utilized as by-pass valves to save the system during power outages, and they can react quickly by sensing and regulating based on the downstream pressure.


Material: Ductile Iron, WCB, WCC, WC9, WC6,SS304, SS316,CF8M, SS316L, SS904L, Cast iron
Size: 1/2″ to 24″
Ends: Socket weld butt weld, flanged, threaded
class:150-300 PN6to PN25
Operation: handwheel ,electric actuated ,pneumatic actuated

Pilot Operated Safety Valve

Pilot Operated Safety Valve