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Swing check valve

South American valve is the best Swing Check Valve Supplier in Colombia. A Swing Check Valve is a type of valve used to regulate the flow of fluids or gasses in a pipeline. It is designed to allow flow in one direction while preventing backflow in the opposite direction. The valve consists of a hinged disc that swings open and closed on a pivot or hinge, depending on the direction of flow. When fluid or gas flows in the forward direction, the disc swings open, allowing flow through the valve. When the flow stops or reverses direction, the disc swings shut, preventing backflow. The disc is usually held in place by a spring or weight that ensures it closes properly and prevents backflow.

Swing Check Valves are commonly used in applications where it is important to prevent backflow, such as in sewage systems, water treatment plants, and industrial pipelines. They are also used in applications where a low pressure drop is desired, such as in HVAC systems and irrigation systems. Swing Check Valves come in a variety of sizes and materials, including brass, stainless steel, and PVC, and can be operated manually or automatically. They are relatively simple and reliable valves that can be used in a wide range of applications.


  • Body
  • Disc
  • Spring
  • Hinge
  • Seat
  • Bolts & Nuts


  • Reliable backflow prevention: The Swing Check Valve is designed to prevent backflow, ensuring that the flow of fluid or gas is unidirectional. This feature makes it an ideal choice for applications where backflow can cause damage, contamination or hazardous situations.
  • Low pressure drop: Swing Check Valves typically offer a low pressure drop across the valve, which means that the flow of fluid or gas is not restricted, reducing energy consumption and making them ideal for high flow applications.
  • Simple design: The Swing Check Valve has a relatively simple design, which means that it is easy to install, operate and maintain. The valve is usually made up of a few key components, making it easy to repair or replace parts if necessary.
  • Durability: Swing Check Valves are usually made of materials such as brass, stainless steel, or PVC, which are resistant to corrosion and wear, making them ideal for use in harsh environments.
  • Cost-effective: Swing Check Valves are generally less expensive than other types of check valves, making them a cost-effective option for a wide range of applications.


  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy
  • Petrochemical


  • Water and wastewater treatment plants: Swing Check Valves are used in water and wastewater treatment plants to prevent backflow of sewage, wastewater, and other fluids that can contaminate the clean water supply.
  • Industrial pipelines: Swing Check Valves are commonly used in industrial pipelines, including oil and gas pipelines, to prevent backflow of chemicals, acids, and other hazardous fluids that can cause damage or pose a risk to the environment and workers.
  • Irrigation systems: Swing Check Valves are used in irrigation systems to prevent backflow of water, fertilizers, and other chemicals that can contaminate the water supply or damage irrigation equipment.
  • Fire protection systems: Swing Check Valves are used in fire protection systems to prevent backflow of water, which can contaminate the water supply and reduce the effectiveness of the fire protection system.


  • Body Material –Cast Steel( A216 WCB, WCC, LCB, LCC, WC6, WC9),
  • WCB, SS304, 316L, Duplex Steel, 904L, Aluminium bronze , Stainless Steel [
  • SS316 , SS304, SS316L, SS904L, CF8, CF8M, F304, F316, F31L, F51, F3,F55, F91 ]
  • Class : 150LB – 2500LB
  • Size : ½” – 40”
  • Ends : butt weld, socket weld, threaded, flanged