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Electric Single Seat Control Valve

South American valve is one of the greatest Electric single seat control valve manufacturer in Colombia. An electric single-seat control valve is a type of industrial control valve that is used to regulate the flow of fluid (such as gases or liquids) in a pipeline or process system. It typically consists of a valve body, actuator, and control electronics.

The valve body is designed to control the flow by opening or closing a port, allowing more or less fluid to pass through the pipeline. The actuator is an electrically powered device that is responsible for moving the valve’s position based on input signals from a control system. The control electronics receive signals from a control system (such as a distributed control system or a programmable logic controller) and convert them into commands to drive the actuator, which in turn positions the valve accordingly.

A single-seat control valve refers to the type of valve plug or disk design used within the valve body. In a single-seat design, the valve plugs or disk is typically positioned to seal against a single seat or orifice, providing precise control of the fluid flow. This design is commonly used in applications where tight shut-off and accurate control are required.

South American valve is a top Electric single seat control valve manufacturer in Colombia  and provides fast and precise control, allowing for automation and integration with modern control systems for efficient and reliable operation.


It provides accurate and precise control over the fluid flow, pressure, temperature, or level in a process system.

It offers fast response times, allowing for quick adjustments in valve position based on the input signals from the control system.

It can be designed to operate with high energy efficiency, as the actuator can be precisely controlled to provide only the required amount of force to position the valve plug or disk.


  • Oil and gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Chemicals
  • Power generations
  • Pulp and paper